Diego Pacheco (2011), performance in the QR_U installation space.

QR_U (an open school), 2011 was an exhibition and interactive project by artists Lois Klassen, Heidi May, Adam Stenhouse, and Elisa Yon in conjunction with W/Here: Contesting Knowledge in the 21st Century, ELIA Symposium at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada. Aiming to produce collective inquiry, dialogue and interaction, the project posed the following questions on-line at http://qruopenschool.ca/ during the month leading to the exhibition and during a 10-day exhibition in the gallery.

» What is the new school of arts? » Where does learning happen? » How can we learn to learn? » What is your question?


Participants were invited to respond by uploading multimedia content or by participating in person in the classroom spaces within the gallery. The open classrooms, daily events and virtual “school” aimed to make visible and distribute the art school’s actions and interactions.