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Terreno: Borderland Linguistics

Independent Art Publishing Projects & Catalogues

Reading the Migration Library 2020/21 Series (Light Factory Publications)

  • A.B Godfreed and SAAN, On Loss: Two Poems from Ghana

  • Gabriel Awah Mainoo, We are Moulting Birds

  • Jay Kophy, Walking on Water 

  • Gabriela Galíndez, Notas sobre un Recorrido: el Centro de Procesamiento de El Paso / Notes on a Tour: the El Paso Processing Center

  • Madame Beespeaker and Lori Weidenhammer, Feeding the Migration (Painted Lady)

  • Crista Dahl with Jairo Salazar and Lois Klassen, The Migrators

  • Carlos Colin with Lois Klassen, Tierra y Libertad: Little México

Daisy Quezada Ureña con/with Susana Landeros Moreno, Jonathan Loretto, Marian Naranjo, Oralia Prieto Gomez, Profesor Manuel Robles Flores, Roxanne Swentzell, Beata Tosie-Pena, bosque brotante  (2020), Lois Klassen, la editora/editor, Artist book,

Light Factory Publications, Present Cartographers Series.

Sylvia Arthur, Lois Klassen, Daisy Quezada, editors, Terreno: Borderlands Linguistics (2017), Chapbook, Light Factory Publications, Present Cartographers Series.

Books on Fire: Documentation of the Renegade Library, exhibition catalogue (1998). Art Gallery of Southwestern  Manitoba, Brandon, MB.

Book Chapters

“Home Economicus,” long-form poetry, book chapter in Kathy Mantas and Lorinda Petersen, eds. Middle Grounds: Essays on Midlife Mothering (2018), Demeter Press.

“Research by Artists: Critically Integrating Ethical Frameworks,” book chapter in Marilys Guillemin, Deborah Warr, Susan Cox, and Sarah Drew, eds. Ethics and Visual Methods: Theory, Methodology and Practice (2016) Palgrave.


“Time Shifting, Lori Weidenhammer in Performance,” book chapter in Johanna Householder, Tanya Mars, eds. More Caught in the Act: An Anthology of Women Performance Artists (2016), Volume 2, YYZ Books.


Articles, Reviews, & Posts


"A letter to Agnes McCausland Richardson Etherington (1880-1854),” Public Journal, 64: Unsettling Settler Canadian Nation-Building (in press).

"Amplified Listening to Race and Gender in Fiamma Montezemolo’s Echo and Stephanie Dinkins’s N’TOO," (with Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda), Media-N | The Journal of the New Media Caucus (in press).               

"Figurations following the Ethical Turn," Parse Journal - Migration, Issue 10, 2019,

Ethics and Participation in Art: Reading the Migration Library and other methods, dissertation portfolio, 2019, Queen's University, Canada.

"Arriving at Nowhere – Chris Kraus and Radical Localism,” Fillip, Issue 20, 2015,   

“We Spoke Again: Dialogue in display,” Word Hoard Issue IV, 2015,


“Who Counts?,” review, Border Crossings, Issue133, Vol. 34, No. 1, 2015,

"Elements of Mourning," LIVE! Vancouver's Performance Art Festival, 2013,


"Participatory Art at the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad," Public Journal, 45: Civic Spectacle, 2012,

Lois Klassen, Glen Lowry, and Julie York, "Importing a Research Ethics Model into Creative Research," Current Design Journal,  3, 2012,

"2011: Final Re-Marks," LIVE! Vancouver's Performance Art Festival,

“Poetry Battles – the drag,” review. LIVE2011, performance art festival blog.

“Unrealized Potential,” review. Whitehot Magazine. .

“Draped and Folded: Entries and exits,” review. LIVE2009 performance art festival blog. .

“Esther Ferrer’s Anarchy,” review. LIVE2009 performance art festival blog. .

“Even though it’s nearly winter, things are pretty lively here in the heart of Vancouver,” review. LIVE2009 performance art festival blog. .

“to love – verb,” review. LIVE2009 performance art festival blog. .

“Comforter Art-Action: long range investigations into bedding and displacement,” 2007 Open Engagement Post Conference Catalogue, Jennifer Delos Reyes ed., University of Regina, Regina, SK, Canada.

“Founding the Future” (Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester), review, visual codec.

“Folio (Mailable Objects),” critical response. Paper Wait, 2007, Winnipeg: aceartinc., Volume 2.

"Fig Platz," recipe and description, Flavours of Vancouver: CBC Listeners Share the Stories Behind Their Favourite Recipes, compiled by Sheila Peacock and Joan Cross, 2005, Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre.


Podcasts & Broadcasts

La Frontera Speaks, Episode 3 (2020), Institute of Oral History, College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas in El Paso.

"Ever Elsewhere: Siting a Mennonite Imaginary" Panel Discussion (2020), The Reach Gallery Museum.

“Human Mobility / Human Dignity: Ethics in the act of representing migration and detention” (2018), World Issues Forum, Fairhaven College, Western Washington University.

Margaret Dragu, Director (2016), "Art Talking Women Episode 8: Lois Klassen", Cinevolution, VIVO Media Arts Centre.