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Terreno: Borderland Linguistics

Chapbooks & Catalogues

Reading the Migration Library (2015, on-going)

  • Library of Africa and the African Diaspora (2021, three titles forthcoming), Lois Klassen and Sylvia Arthur, editors.

  • Gabriela Galíndez, Notas sobre un Recorrido: el Centro de Procesamiento de El Paso / Notes on a Tour: the El Paso Processing Center, (2021, in print), Lois Klassen editor.

  • Madame Beespeaker and Lori Weidenhammer, Feeding the Migration (Painted Lady), (2021, in print), Lois Klassen editor.

  • Crista Dahl with Jairo Salazar, The Migrators (2020), Lois Klassen, editor.

  • Carlos Colin with Lois Klassen, Tierra y Libertad: Little México (2020)

Daisy Quezada Ureña con/with Susana Landeros Moreno, Jonathan Loretto, Marian Naranjo, Oralia Prieto Gomez, Profesor Manuel Robles Flores, Roxanne Swentzell, Beata Tosie-Pena, bosque brotante  (2020), Lois Klassen, la editora/editor, Artist book,

Light Factory Publications, Present Cartographers Series.

Sylvia Arthur, Lois Klassen, Daisy Quezada, editors, Terreno: Borderlands Linguistics (2017), Chapbook, Light Factory Publications, Present Cartographers Series.

Books on Fire: Documentation of the Renegade Library, exhibition catalogue (1998). Art Gallery of Southwestern  Manitoba, Brandon, MB.

Book Chapters

“Home Economicus,” long-form poetry, book chapter in Kathy Mantas and Lorinda Petersen, eds. Middle Grounds: Essays on Midlife Mothering (2018), Demeter Press.

“Research by Artists: Critically Integrating Ethical Frameworks,” book chapter in Marilys Guillemin, Deborah Warr, Susan Cox, and Sarah Drew, eds. Ethics and Visual Methods: Theory, Methodology and Practice (2016) Palgrave.


“Time Shifting, Lori Weidenhammer in Performance,” book chapter in Johanna Householder, Tanya Mars, eds. More Caught in the Act: An Anthology of Women Performance Artists (2016), Volume 2, YYZ Books.

Articles, etc.


"Figurations following the Ethical Turn," Parse Journal - Migration, Issue 10, 2019,

Ethics and Participation in Art: Reading the Migration Library and other methods, dissertation portfolio, 2019, Queen's University, Canada.

"Arriving at Nowhere – Chris Kraus and Radical Localism,” Fillip, Issue 20, 2015,   

“We Spoke Again: Dialogue in display,” Word Hoard Issue IV, 2015,


“Who Counts?,” review, Border Crossings, Issue133, Vol. 34, No. 1, 2015,

"Participatory Art at the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad," Public Journal, 45: Civic Spectacle, 2012,

Lois Klassen, Glen Lowry, and Julie York, "Importing a Research Ethics Model into Creative Research," Current Design Journal,  3, 2012, .

"Fig Platz," recipe and description, Flavours of Vancouver: CBC Listeners Share the Stories Behind Their Favourite Recipes, compiled by Sheila Peacock and Joan Cross, 2005, Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre.

Podcasts, broadcasts, etc.

La Frontera Speaks, Episode 3 (2020), Institute of Oral History, College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas in El Paso.

"Ever Elsewhere: Siting a Mennonite Imaginary" Panel Discussion (2020), The Reach Gallery Museum.

Light Factory Newsletter (2021)