Garden Gnomad, 2009 was a documentary and dialogic work about community gardening and urban food production. It consisted of a mobile cart containing recycled media equipment: camera, audio recording equipment, open-source formatted computer, and a printer, all of which were powered by solar panels and battery.

Inspired by the tenacity of Vancouver's street photography traditions (Foncie Pulice and others) and enthusiasm for community gardens and local food production, the Garden Gnomad sought to record dialogue and images from the field during the summer of 2009. Amassing an archive of voices and images, the project reviewed issues of public access to food, issues of food in common, utopianism and the politics of community gardening in Vancouver, and more. The equipment provided gardeners with on-site, solar-powered photography services including post-card printing. Images and sounds from the Garden Gnomad data base became a set of audio walks and images featured at the Means of Production Community Garden in September 2009.


The Garden Gnomad public appearances:

2009 - 2010 – Means of Production Artists Raw Resource Collective Residency (MOP Community Garden, Environmental Youth Alliance, grunt gallery), Vancouver, BC, Canada

2010  – Residency and exhibition, Hammock Residency with Heidi Nachtegaal, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2009  – Family Fuse, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
2009  – Emixer, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, BC, Canada

2009  – Liminal Screens Artists' Residency, Banff New Media Institute, The Banff Centre, AB, Canada