In a set of endurance performances called Coyote Comforts (2009), Maggie Winston and Lois Klassen revived discarded textile art squares from a previous social art project. Long abandoned, the squares each bore a coyote print (originally designed by Pat Beacon) and alterations to the image by the project’s participants (Lines of Commitment, Pat Beacon, M. Simon Levin, Marcuse Projects, World Urban Forum, 2006). In Winston’s and Klassen’s performances these fabric coyotes were transformed into objects of comfort. With labour, props, and texts, the artists attempted cohabitation with coyotes through dialogue and intensive sewing.

Coyote Comforts public appearances:

2008 - The Living Blanket (with Doris Buttingnol), Centre A, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2008, 2009 - Brittania Library and Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2009 - 3084: Short-term storage for materialized ideas/ideated materials (with Jem Nobel), Maple Leaf Storage, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2009 - Community Quilt Auction, Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts, Vancouver, NBC, Canada